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5 Reasons Why Water Jets Are the Next Big Back Splash Trend

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? One of the easiest ways to do so is by adding a kitchen backsplash. Before you dive right in and head to the tile store in Miami, make sure you know what types of backsplashes are currently trendy, and what kinds are already considered outdated. Luckily, the experts at USA Tile & Marble have done the research on kitchen backsplashes for you. The verdict is in: it’s all about water jet backsplash. Offering a fun and fresh twist on a classic backsplash, water jet machines cut through the mosaic tile in ceramic, glass, stone, and more. This creates beautiful and intricate patterns such as circles, diamonds, patterns, and trellises. Here are five reasons why water jets are the next big backsplash trend:

Easy to Clean

Imagine a world where you can accidentally turn the blender on without holding the lid down, and it’s not the end of the world. You too can live in a world where don’t have to worry about making a mess while cooking - just add a water jet backsplash in your kitchen. The materials used in water jet backsplashes are both durable and hard, making it a high-quality finish that will not wear easily. In order to keep this kitchen backsplash in flawless condition, all you need to do is regularly wipe it down. Easy!

Comes in a Variety of Materials

When it comes to updating your kitchen, the last thing you want to feel is like you are limited to a small range of choices. After all, it’s your dream kitchen you’re creating, so you should get to be as creative as you want! Water jet machines do not discriminate when it comes to what materials it will cut into; it is powerful enough to cut intricate shapes in glass, porcelain, stone, and more.

Creates Tons of Patterns

Did we mention that water jet backsplashes give you a ton of choices? Not only does it come in an impressively large variety of materials, it also comes in tons of patterns. Water jet cutting machines can cut materials of any plasticity and density into almost any shape, meaning there are a seemingly endless amount of options for the intricate details and designs that are able to be created. They are produced in a range of different sizes, from small 1” x 1” elaborately-shaped water jet tiles to large 4” x 6” water jet mosaic tiles.

Makes Homes Attractive to Potential Buyers

If you don't plan on living in your home forever, then every update you make to your house needs to have potential buyers in mind. After looking at property after property, your home needs to have something special that will set it apart from all the other houses on the market; you need water jet backsplash. Anyone can have subway tiles or a herringbone pattern - but not everyone can have the beautiful, custom waterjet kitchen backsplash that your house does. Well, the buyers can have a kitchen backsplash like yours, but they have to buy your home first.

Protects the Environment

Are you worried about the limited resources and high-priced raw material in today’s world? Then join the growing number of environmentally-conscious homeowners who are opting for this kitchen backsplash trend; waterjet cutting increases cost-effectiveness by optimizing material use.

While many other ways of cutting materials used on kitchen backsplashes create chips, grindings, and hazardous gases, water jet cutting does not. Water jet backsplashes are environmentally friendly because emulsions or cutting oils are not needed.