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Chongqing on wood grain stone full of myths and legends

Chongqing city on the eastern HuaYingShan zone soil field within the territory of town willow village ditch long lake, there is a bare rock called easy home ping. Unlike other places, the rock section of this piece of rock show auburn, was full of natural wood grain. Locals say, this kind is full of natural mu wen rocks, wood stone is full of myths and legends.


In the billions of years ago, the sichuan basin is a huge lake, lake inhabited by a dragon king and his lieutenants. In order to built on the edge of the lake to the east of a giant dragon temple, the dragon king sent lieutenants through a dark holes around the lake to distant Java, moved from there to the coral and the other of the wood grain of pearl stone. Moved to the wood pile in the dragon king to fix the dragon temple, east lake by the most trusted lieutenants guarded day and night. Is built in the dragon king to limits on dragon temple, only to meet the monkey heaven, sun fought a great will draw wushan a gap, the dragon king resistance to the survival of the great lakes was quickly put dry, the dragon king started taking lieutenants escaped to the sea, lakes into a basin, the reefs in lakes into a mountain, move from the Java countries to make wood stone dragon temple, left HuaYingShan branch home ping.


About this legend, also some people say that the work is not the dragon king, but the result of a "sleeping beauty". In yi ping long lake ditch between the two peaks, like a shame to spend close your month "sleeping beauty". "Sleeping beauty" flying from time to time because of the folk song happy tears, sometimes because of the sentimental tears. Tears of "sleeping beauty", not only the water out of the verdant pine and romance of a mountain, and will the rock around the moisture out of the wood grain.


Although magical legend, but after all is a legend. Legend is beautiful, but it can't explain the True origin wood stone. And, according to geologists long groove on the shores of lake mu wen stone, not only full of legendary, but also helpful. Wood grain stone system output in the Cambrian strata, belongs to Marine deposits, as the rich iron argillaceous dolomite, formed in the 5.5 ~ 580 million years ago, has a "grainy jade" bills on the geology is called "red rock". The stone for its powder crystal, crystal structure and the decorative pattern of wood texture with good view and admire A gender, coupled with A sound insulation, moisture absorption, damage resistance, weathering resistance, resistance to fade, not dissolve in water, no radiation and other characteristics, not only can be used for indoor metope adornment, but also can be used as furniture, sculpture art, garden building materials, A kind of stone material is rare.