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How to Clean Dirty Marble

Speaking of the natural marble cleaning, it might be a quite difficult project. If spending a plenty of money and time to install the marble floor tile, wall tile, countertop, vanity top and other decorative structure products, you have to do some special maintenance to keep the beautiful appearance of the marble. How to keep the brightness and glossiness for the marble is a matter of considerable interest.

You may find there are some stubborn stains and spots on the marble countertops, which are quite hard to remove and clean. The reason lies in the natural porosity feature for the marble, so it is easy to absorb the liquid objects. For example, if you use the acid to clean the marble, you may find there will be the erosion marks on the marble surface, and any scratches marks will influence the beautiful appearance for the marble.

Taking some precautions is necessary when using the marble. Never use the vinegar or other acid products to clean the marble, for the marble is sensitive, only neutral and moderate detergent is available to clean. Tip needs to follow, the weak acid in the vinegar will break the glossiness of marble floor tiles, so must use the moderate detergent when cleaning the marble.

clean marble floor

The followings are some tips need to noticewhen cleaning the marble.

1) First of all, you have to take some special precautions. Treating the marble is like treat the expensive the wooden furniture. Do not put the glass on the marble surface directly. It needs to clean at once for the leakage. Do not leave the stains on the marble for long time.

2) Clean the marble floor regularly, the best way is use the cleaning cloth to clean and remove all stains and dirt. Using the cold water to wet the marble surface, but not the hot water.

3) If you want to dry and polish the marble could use the dry towel or tissue. Sometimes the marble may need the deep cleaning, the ordinary cleaning is not enough for the marble. In this case, you need not only the moderate detergent, also the high quality marble cleaning products, and follow the instruction from the manufacturers. If necessary, could use the marble polishing and sealing agent, not the strong cleaning product.

4) Beer, grape wine, tea and orange juice will influence the elegance of marble. If want to clean this stains, using liquid mixed by hydrogen peroxide and a little ammonium hydroxide, then use the clean cloth to clean the marble until it recover the brightness and glossiness. Cooking oil and other oil type products will pollute the marble, so must us the soap and water to clean at once.

That’s all of the today’s sharing. Don’t forget to clean your marble!

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