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waterjet cutting technology

To know what a waterjet is, we must first understand the waterjet cutting technology.

Waterjet cutting is the normal water passing through an ultra-high pressure pressurizing device that pressurizes water to 4,000 bar (60,000 psi) and then passes through a small nozzle (with a diameter of 0.004 inches to 0.016 inches) to produce a 915 per second. A water arrow with a meter (about three times the speed of sound), which can be used for various surface treatments and cutting various non-metallic materials such as paper, diapers, glass, fibers, sponges, etc.

For the material to be cut and harder, such as various stone, glass, ceramic, tile and other materials, sand and water arrows are mixed to enhance the cutting ability. This high speed sanding water knife can be almost Cut any material.

The nozzle of the waterjet is made of cemented carbide, sapphire, etc. The diameter of the nozzle is only 0.05 mm, and the inner wall of the hole is smooth and flat, and can withstand a pressure of 1700 MPa, so the high-pressure water sprayed can cut the material like a knife. Some waters also incorporate long-chain polymers, such as polyethylene oxide, which increase the "viscosity" of the water, making the water ejected like a "thin line." It has high processing precision and a cutting width of only 0.1-0.8 mm, which can process parts with complex profiles.

Therefore, the water knife parquet is to use a variety of stone processing with waterjet cutting technology, and then a puzzle piece, called water knife parquet, can also be called water knife puzzle, water knife art mosaic, water knife art puzzle.

Stone mosaic

Stone parquet is a common word in the building materials industry, but many people don't know how to make a product. When a gorgeous and beautiful mosaic is presented in front of people, it is a lot of way in the production process. The process! First, after confirming that the color map is consistent with the customer, the design department will transfer the color map and the CAD line drawing to the computer drawing room for computer production. Computer graphics include: 1. Sub-layers (separated layers are separate materials of different colors) 2. Typesetting (distributed parts are regularly arranged according to the size of the actual materials) 3. Processing 4. Compilation 5. Audit 6. Decomposition drawings, these six parts have many details, such as: compensation for waterjets in the processing section, connecting the components, and saving the "DXF" file format. After completing the computer drawing, the waterjet cutting is a high-tech water jet cutting technology that can cut hard objects of various materials, such as stone, ceramic, steel, wood, and insulation boards. The cutter enters the file path according to the computer drawings, and the waterjet machine can automatically process all the objects displayed on the drawing. After the cutting is completed to the parquet process, the mosaic is a large process that is completely handmade. Before the mosaic, the bottom edge of the cut parts needs to be polished and smoothed, so that it is easy to place when the flowers are laid. The parquet must be tried according to the computer drawings, which is the jigsaw typesetting. After the trial is completed, paste it with AB glue. In order to make the surface of the figure flat, the surface of the pattern is placed on the glass table when pasting, and it is also pressed and shaped with iron.

After the stone mosaic test is completed, the resin is shaped, and after the resin is dried, it is placed on the thickening machine to fix the thickness, complement the color, and then polish and cut the edge.

The stone used for the ground is mosaic, the surface is flat; the wall is used, there are planes and bumps, the bump effect is layered when pasted, the raised part is high with mosaic, and the surface is filled with caulking agent. And then clean. Finally, go to the packaging process.

Stone parquet must undergo strict quality inspection before packaging, including overall size, surface smoothness, cleaning, alignment of seams, color difference lines, etc., and can be packaged for quality requirements. Because the stone mosaic is a fragile product, the packaging requirements are also very high. The surface of the product should be wrapped with transparent oil paper, pre-patterned, and then sealed with foam to avoid damage. Finally, the wooden frame is used to fix the package and label it. The entire production process is complete.

Waterjet machine

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting

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Water knife parquet

Artificial collage process

Water knife parquet

Marble parquet glue filling process

Water knife parquet

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Paving effect

Stone parquet is the most fashionable and popular home decoration today. It makes your space different, more personalized and more tasteful! It also allows you to enjoy a noble and comfortable home life.