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What is the cutting accuracy of the waterjet cutter?

What is the cutting accuracy of the waterjet cutter? Is there a difference in cutting accuracy between four-axis and three-axis?

    A complete Dth stone waterjet CNC waterjet cutting machine (referred to as “waterjet”) consists of four parts: ultra-high pressure water jet generator (high pressure pump), CNC machining platform (jet cutting head). CNC system and self-service sand supply. system

Waterjets are used in a wide range of applications, from metal materials to non-metallic materials, from natural materials to artificial materials, from food to household goods, and can be cut. It has the reputation of “universal cutting machine”. Dth stone Waterjet has a mature product system, three-axis waterjet, four-axis waterjet and five-axis waterjet to meet the cutting needs of different industries.

    Faced with the most concerned about the cutting accuracy of waterjet work, Dth stone Waterjet now answers questions for everyone:

Dth stone three-axis waterjet: The internal frame is welded by frame structure, and the whole machine is tempered to eliminate stress. The cantilever structure can cut the complex curve of any plane. Cutting accuracy is ±0.1mm (500mm*500mm)

Dth stone four-axis waterjet: the rotary axis C is added to the cutting head of the ordinary three-axis machine tool. Under the control of the system, the oblique cutting head moves along the normal direction of the figure to ensure that the cutting is perpendicular to the upper and lower sides of the workpiece, realizing the positive and negative groove . The groove angle can be adjusted at ±5°.

Its cutting accuracy is ±0.1mm (500mm*500mm)

Dth stone five-axis waterjet: Five-axis CNC water cutting breaks through the limitation of traditional water cutting only vertical or small angle cutting. It breaks through the limitations of traditional manual adjustment cutting angle. On the basis of traditional three-axis, two more. The servo rotary axis realizes full-automatic, interlocking cutting in any direction. The one-time molding of complex shaped parts eliminates the cost of making molds. Its cutting accuracy is ±0.1mm (500mm*500mm)